Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 1 - 13 Flight to Taipei

Took a 13 hour flight from Los Angeles to Taipei through EVA Airlines. Was able to watch No Strings Attached, and eat a dinner before dozing off for a good 8 hours. Woke up to eat breakfast and watch Country Strong.

Typing away at the Taipei Airport, which surpasses any sort of amenities that LAX has to offer. I once stopped in South Korea en route to Beijing and I believe that was the MECCA of airports in terms of cleanliness, technology, and shopping.

I do like the free internet here! Seems like internet is free everywhere except in America. Had a little trouble logging onto facebook since it recognized that I was in Taiwan. I had to have my mom translate the text on the screen so I could verify my identity. The question? What was the first concert I ever attended?

Had some Taiwanese Cuisine at the airport, which was very good, considering you wouldn't expect there to be high quality foods at airport food courts. My family and I had Shao Long Bao, Pigs Feet, and Noodles. I didn't try the Feet though... We'll save the exotic foods for when I actually arrive in Vietnam...

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