Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 36 - Last Day in Hanoi and Vietnam!

It'd be my last day in Hanoi since I was for sure heading to Philippines tonight. Again, just a day of walking around the city and resting in air-conditioned shops, trying my best not to sweat since I didn't have a hotel room to stay at.

In the morning, I headed to the post office to see how much it would cost to ship some stuff home. It was quite expensive to ship by air, so I opted to ship by ship cargo. The total cost was around $25USD for abour 3.5 kilos and would take 3 months. It didn't matter to me since I wouldn't be home that soon.

I was relatively disappointed with the food I had eaten in Hanoi, so I decided to check out one of the restaurants that Anthony Bourdain visited on his Vietnam episode of No Reservations. It was actually about 3 blocks away from the hotel! The restaurant specialized in steamed glutinous rice that was combined with your choice of maize or saffron, and a meat portion. I decided on the rice with saffron and lean pork paste. Better meal that most of my stay in Hanoi, and extremely filling since it was so much rice! Luckily I was able to leave the city with my stomach full since I hear the food at the Hanoi airport was awful.

Took a Vietnam Airlines Van from Hanoi to the airport. It's funny how dumb people think tourists are (or maybe they/we are?). I took a motorbike to the Vietnam Airlines headquarters since that was where the airport transfer was located. Right when I arrived, a taxi driver tried to get my business. Why would I take a motorbike to the Vietnam Airlines office, only to take a taxi cab there? I asked him before I walked away.

It'd be a long night tonight since I would be leaving Hanoi, headed to HCMC at 8:30pm, and then taking the 1AM flight from HCMC to Manila, and then the 8:30am flight from Manila to Boracay...

Anthony Bourdain Recommended - Xoi Yen Restaurant


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