Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 61 - Lazy Day in Chiang Mai

It would be my last full day in Chiang Mai, so I decided that I would probably just lounge around in my hotel and watch a couple of bootleg DVDs (Horrible Bosses and Bad Teacher) that I purchased at the night bazaar last night.

Plans to stay over at a Couch Surfer's home fell through, but I ended up meeting up with another traveler who was in Chiang Mai for about a month. He was from India, but was in Chiang Mai traveling but also trying to market his own business of being a relaxation, yoga, reiki, meditation master. We talked a little about his work, but I didn't know too much about all these different types of therapy/life coaching/relaxation/spiritual techniques.

We had some lunch at a vegetarian restaurant and talked a little about his yoga expertise. There were pictures of him in some insanely flexible yoga poses, and he explained that it was a lot less about being flexible and more about channeling energy to get to those positions.

We watched Horrible Bosses before heading out for dinner and some bar-hopping in a backpacker area. Went to a live Jazz and Reggae Bar and danced a little. I saw this one ex-pat for the third time in 3 days...once at a Jazz Bar, once at the post office, and now, at this Reggae bar. She was full of energy and dancing the whole night. I wonder what her story is...

East Wall Entrance (Tapae Gate) to the Old City

Crispy Morning Glory Salad

Live Jazz Music

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