Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 43 - Taal Volcanoes in Tagatay

Took a daytrip out of Manila to see more of the nature that the P.I. has to offer. We headed to the city of Tagaytay to check out the views of the Taal Volcano, which is an active volcano on a lake that was formed in the crater of an inactive prehistoric volcano. My Lonely Planet guidebook says that Taal Volcano consists of more than 57 craters and 35 volcanic cones and remains one of the world's deadliest volcanos.

The city itself was a nice change from Manila because it was higher above sea level, and the weather was cool and misty. There were pineapple and coffee farms in the area, and the city itself is cleaner. Filipino families own vacation homes in this area as a getaway from the city.

We had a really good meal at one of the restaurants in the area that provided scenic views of the lake and volcano. The meal consisted of steamed vegetables, bone marrow soup, and a pork dish. There was a live band at the restaurant that provided entertainment for each table, and I heard a new Filipino song that I liked called “Torete” by Moonstar88.

Back in Manila, I met up with my friend, Eron and his best friend, at yet another mall, and we decided to grab some groceries so that I could have a home-cooked meal! I told him I liked Chicken Adobo (and surprisingly, I had not had any in the P.I. yet) so we got the ingredients and headed back to his place. I met his little niece, Julia, who was the most adorable and talkative girl. She pointed out my chicken pox scars on my forehead because she was just recovering from them and asked me what those other bumps were on my face... I told her it was acne and that she should beware because she may be getting them too soon.

When we had the chicken, Julia could not stop talking, and I had a hard time eating and talking at the same time. Eron told her to be quiet so that I could eat, and she complied, but whispered to me “Hurry up so I can talk again!” I laughed at that. When it was time for her to sleep, she went back to her place and came back with a little gift and the sweetest letter written to me. Now I have a new 8-year old best friend who calls me “Kuya Philip.”

Taal Volcanoes

...and the subsequent rainfall approaching


Coffee Break with Maco, Benny, and Dwight

Home-cooked Chicken Adobo

My New Best Friend, Julia

Look at the letter she wrote me (complete with chicken pox scars)

Local Reggae Bar for Filipino Hipsters and Ex-Pats

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