Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 64 - Coral Island

Quang and I decided to head to an island outside of Dirty Pattaya to see something cleaner and more relaxing. Stuck in this city and feeling out of place amongst the fat, old, and ugly sexpats, we walked past the Walking Street to get to the Balihai Pier to book a boatride to Coral Islands.

The fare was 150 baht roundtrip with our choice of what part of the island we wanted to be dropped off at, we chose the one with the whitest sand. It seems most of the younger Russians and Indians joined us on this trip to actually see a worthwhile beach. The beach was nice, but everything felt cramped, with a bunch of umbrellas and beach chairs all next to each other and only a small patch of sand between the water in front and the restaurants/bars behind. I decided to just relax in my beach chair the whole time while Quang went into the water. We forgot to bring food and water with us, so we had to pay exorbant prices for our lunch and drinks.

After getting back to Pattaya, we walked along the beach trying some more street food for dinner, including Crab Pad Thai, and some chicken hearts on a stick. I grabbed a beer at the 7-eleven and felt strange drinking beer while walking down the street and in a mall...We headed back to the Walking Street to check it out again since it would be our last night here before heading back to Bangkok...

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  1. brining some filipinl pride wherever you are. im impressed