Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 65 - Bangkok - Khao San Road

We got out of Pattaya ASAP in the morning. We checked out of our guesthouse and went to the bus station to book the next bus to Bangkok. It was more of a local bus than the airport bus we took to get here, but the buses are all well kept and there were no problems with this bus. I think the air conditioning was even better this time around, and it took less time to arrive at the Bangkok Eastern Bus Terminal.

Once in Bangkok, we took a sky train, tuk-tuk, and taxi to get from the bus station to Khao San Road – the backpacker Mecca of Southeast Asia. I assumed we'd be able to get a pretty cheap hotel here. We managed to get a room (box) with 2 twin beds and communal shower for only 250 baht. No power outlets, no TV, no blankets, no towels, toiletries or toilet paper included, just a big box with 2 twin beds. One thing that is disappointing is that most of the cheap guesthouses don't provide free wifi internet. Almost every other backpacker city I visited had free wifi since it's such a necessity for all backpackers.

For dinner, we walked around Khao San Road and got some Greek food from a Thai owned street cart, with a Nepalese worker. I talked to the worker and asked her if she thought I looked Nepalese, and one of her colleagues said I did have Mongolian features that made me somewhat look Nepalese.

We spent the rest of the night walking around the street, looking at all the random merchandise up for sale. On the bus ride to Bangkok, one of the passengers told us that Khao San Road would be so much more wild than the Walking Street in Pattaya, but I definitely thought this was nowhere near as sinful and crazy as Pattaya.

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