Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 73 – Rain in Yangon, Myanmar

The rain really puts a damper on your plans to explore the city. Today was no exception, as it continued to downpour all morning and afternoon. Instead of heading to a restaurant that was recommended to me by the students I met yesterday, I decided to head back to the Strand Hotel to get some Western Food, use the internet, stay dry, and break a $100 bill that no one else in the city would break for me.

I ended up meeting with another couchsurfer and a friend she had met, who both also arrived in the country the same day as me. We were all headed by bus to Mandalay at night, so we had dinner together and planned the guesthouse we'd be staying at once we arrived.

I'd heard many different stories about the buses to Mandalay, some decent and some horrific, so I was planning for the worst. People commonly switch modes of transportation from bus to air after experiencing it.

The bus actually wasn't bad at all! In fact, it was one of the newest buses I've been on throughout my travels, which is strange since almost every other car in the city is beat up and from the 1980s... I took the last bus out at 9PM, which was recommended by the receptionist at the hotel because the later buses didn't stop at smaller towns to pick up more passengers and would arrive at Mandalay faster. Lucky for me, there was also a new road that was recently built that would get us there quicker. Crossing my fingers for a nice, sleepful night...

Near the bus station was a place with replicas of some of the most famous sights in Myanmar

My Western Lunch

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