Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 67 - Downtown Bangkok

So we spent two days in a shitty box for about $8/night, with dormatory shared bathrooms, and no power outlets in the room, nor any wireless internet. I was surprised we couldn't find better deals here, especially after coming from Chiang Mai and Laos, where the deals were everywhere to be found. We decided to splurge a little and book a nicer hotel and ended up with a great deal in downtown Bangkok, near the metro line, for only $25/night!

I can't tell you how happy I felt when we got to our hotel room. It's nice to be in luxury once in a while, especially after living in a box for a couple days.

After checking in, we walked around downtown and grabbed some lunch. We headed to the train station to plan our trip to Ayutthaya, which is city north of Bangkok known for it's old temples. The train runs throughout the day and only costs around 50 cents to get there!

At night we roamed around the city, trying to find some nice night markets to go to. We were misguided by one of the metro workers, who told us to head north to a stop where she said there'd be night markets, but when we got there, there wasn't anythign to see, so we headed back to Silom Road to grab some souvenirs before calling it a night.

Downtown Bangkok

Subway Station

Not a sit in or political demonstration, just people sleeping and waiting for their train

I got excited when I saw this... The Federation of Accounting Professions!

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  1. "I can't tell you how happy I felt when we got to our hotel room"
    Yeah I could see that: 8-year-old not 30 any more!