Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 79 – Trains, Pickups, and Motorbikes

Getting out of Kyaukme proved to be more difficult and take longer than expected! We spent the entire day on various modes of transportation to get back to Mandalay. First off, the trains rarely leave as planned. We waited at the train station for over an hour before the train arrived. We left 1 hour and 20 minutes behind schedule. When we arrived in Pyin Oo Lwin, we decided to take a taxi back to Mandalay as it would cut our travel time by 4 hours (compared to staying on the train). There were not share-taxis available that late in the day, so we had to find a pickup truck to take us back to Mandalay with the rest of the locals. That took an additional 2.5 hours, and finally, when we reached Mandalay, we had to take a motorbike to get to our guesthouse. By that time, it was already 9pm and I was famished. All I could do was think about getting food... All day sitting on my ass and eating. Nothing really exciting to report, except that we made it out of Kyaukme safely!

Kyaukme Train Station

Gokteik Gorge

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