Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 159 - (The Lycian Tombs of) Kas to Antalya

My next stop would be Antalya, which is another one of the largest cities in Turkey like Izmir and Istanbul. The bus would leave around 2pm, which gave me the opportunity to sightsee and wander through Kas for another half day.

I decided to check out the Lycian tombs around the area. Lycia used to be part of the Anatolian region of Turkey during the Roman times. There was one monument tomb that was situated in the city center, while the rest of the tombs were placed higher above the city and carved into the rocks. It took a short while to reach the rock cut tombs since I had to do a little climbing to reach them, but it was a nice spot to admire the city below, and away from the rest of the tourists who weren't there at noon when the sun was highest in the sky.

The bus ride to Antalya was probably the best bus ride I've experienced so far in Turkey based on the length of time to get to the next destination and the magnificent seaside views of the Medditerranean. We drove along the Southern Coast the entire time. I really wanted to tell the bus driver to stop the bus so that I could take some photos or just wander on the pebbly beaches. I was only able to get pictures while the bus was moving.

I arrived in Antalya after the sun had set and met with my couchsurfing host Ali, who cooked us some dinner. We chatted for a while and listened to his iPod. He's the first couchsurfer that listened to some of the same music I listened to! Most of the other Turkish hosts listened to more traditional and/or mainstream Turkish music, and less Western music. He was taking introductory French classes and I actually was surprised I remembered most of my basic French lessons. I was glad I could be of help to him with pronunciation.



Monument Tomb

Lycian Rock Cut Tombs

Driving Along the Mediterranean Coast

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