Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 173 - Vysehrad

We had one more full day in Prague, without any idea where to go. There were a couple castles that were on the outskirts of the city, accessibly by a 30 minute train ride, but we decided against it because tourist opinions on the internet said there really wasn't much to see there. So we decided to go to Vysehrad, which was in the city of Prague, just a couple metro stops away from our hotel. It was a huge park on the map, so I figured we could at least enjoy the green space one last time before heading to Italy.

There was a church called the Church of St. Peter, which we visited along with a very extravagant cemetery adjacent to the church. Here, there were large tombstones for the graves of the deceased, some in uber-huge plots of land, with statues of the dead proudly shown to the public. I'm used to seeing small tombstones, all uniform and placed neatly on a plot of land, but here, there was such a large variety of tombstones and designs. I'm not sure if these people were just wealthy or if they were important people in life, but they were proudly celebrated by their loved ones. 

We headed back to Old Town for one last shopping trip before leaving Prague. I managed to snag some postcards to send home, and also try some of Prague's hot dogs at the carts in Wenceslas Street. I didn't really like mine too much because it was overcooked on the outside, and the skin of the sausage was overly crisp and hard to bite into. That's OK though, since I think I've had a good dose of the Czech cuisine these past few days, and I'll be excited to fatten up even more with the Italian food to come...

Dinner - A Plate with Pork, Beef, AND Chicken

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