Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 181 - Getting Lost and a Vivaldi Concert

I spent the entire day just getting lost in the city, walking from our hotel towards the direction of the train station, seeing what I could discover in the tiny nooks and crannies of the city. After a while, it became clear that it would be easy to find your way back if you were ever lost. You just follow the open shops and restaurants, or find the person walking with conviction towards their destination, since they were the ones who knew what they were doing.

I found out that the city was hosting it's Biennale, similar to what I saw when I was in Istanbul, but I think this one is more honorable and famous, since it's been an event since 1895. The city is hosting pop-up and temporary museums throughout the city, some of which were free to explore. The exhibition includes art, cinema, dance, architecture, music, and theatre altogether. Different countries participate annually and have their own pavilions to showcase some of the work of their people.

I explored a couple of exhibits today in churches and outside plazas while I was wandering around. It's great to see how much importance is placed on the event and art in general, but I guess you can say that about many cities and countries in Europe.

At night, I headed back to our hotel and watched a Vivaldi/Mozart concert that was being held at the church nearby - the Santa Maria Formosa Church. A couple days earlier, when we had just arrived in the city, I heard the music from outside, walking the perimeter of the church to find a way inside, but to no success. It was too late, and the doors were all locked on the outside. I missed watching an orchestra performance when I was in Prague, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to catch a performance of Vivaldi's Four Seasons, which I am familiar with.

It was such a delight to watch, with front row seats, in a church with nice acoustics. It made me miss playing in an orchestra, which I did when I was in 4th-12th grade. I played the violin from 4th-7th grade before switching to the contrabass in 8th grade. But I stopped after high school...focusing on other activities at my university. The music was well played, although the concert master messed up numerous times on my favorite piece - Vivaldi's Summer (Presto)... still an overall fun and delightful performance to watch.

Art piece made entirely of painted eggs, as if they were pixels in a photograph

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