Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 158 - Kas

I went back and forth about coming to Kas because there were people who were insistent on me going, and others who told me it wasn't worth it, but that's the thing about everyone's opinions – they all differ. It's been tough figuring out what is worthwhile to see in all of Turkey because everyone likes different cities for different reasons. At the beginning of the trip, I was intent on seeing this city, but changed my mind midway through my travels. Yesterday, I changed my mind once again to visit the city since I was satisfied with my one day stay in Fethiye and Oludeniz.

I arrived in the city early enough to check into a guesthouse and do some laundry (finally!) Afterwards, I caught some of the sun and visited the beaches in the area. All the “beaches” were either small openings between cliffs where the ground was pebbley, or porches next to hotels that were built on the rocky cliffs above. It really wasn't what I was used to seeing or expecting, but it was still relaxing to be able to sit in the hotel beach chairs on the cliffs and read and tan for a second day in a row.

It was another small and quaint town, easily navigatable in less than a day, with some Lycian tombs scattered in the city center and also higher up near the cliffs of the city. I spent the rest of the night just walking through the center and perusing the tourist shops before calling it a day.

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