Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 179 - Rome to Venice

We took an afternoon high speed train from Rome to Venice, which took about 4-5 hours. The trains were going fast, as I felt my ears pop constantly from the room air pressure, especially when we went inside tunnels. We only stopped at about 4-5 different big cities, including Florence and Bologna before arriving at the city of canals, narrow alleys, and zero automobile traffic.

They say everyone gets lost when they arrive in Venice, and I immediately understood when we tried to follow written directions to get to our hotel. We had to take a Vaporetto to the Rialto Bridge, which was easy enough to follow, but once got off the boat, we were lost in the many plazas and small alleyways. After numerous stops to ask directions for help (from people much more friendly than in Rome), we finally made it to the hotel. 

We explored the city a little at night, where we headed back to the Rialto bridge to admire the night lights, boats, gondolas, and restaurants lined along the Grand Canal. There was an Occupy Venice protest, similar to the Wall Street protests that was being held outside of one of the major banks of Italy. People pitched tents to spend the night there. It was a peaceful protest, with a majority of the messages written on cardboard and placed around the plazas and tents. It's great to see that this is happening not just in Wall Street, and not just in the USA, but globally.

The View of Venice from the Rialto Bridge

Termini Stazione in Rome

Occupy Venice Movement

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