Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 172 - Old Town and the Astronomical Clock

This would be our 4th full day in Prague and we were running out of thing to do! There was only one more thing that I really wanted to check out, which was the giant astronomical clock tower, so we set off to find it, somewhere in Old Town. I used to think I was good at using maps, or that maybe I improved through my travels, but it still is so confusing to follow the small roads mapped out for me! We ended up ditching the map, and trying to follow the street signs that pointed to the clock. We ended up going a roundabout way to reach our destination, only to note that it was in the Old Town Square that we visited a couple days ago, except we missed it when we were previously there.

Since we were already in the Old Town Square, I decided to get some more street food. I picked the grilled cheese sandwich, which turned out to be a hunk of grilled cheese placed on a piece of fresh bread. Fattening, but delicious!

Linh wanted to check out some of the luxury stores to see if the prices were any lower than what you could find in the US. We headed to Old Town where some of the more high-end stores were located. The prices were slightly lower, and tax free, but nothing too deeply discounted. It was a lazy day for us, as we didn't have too many things on our to-do list...

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