Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 157 - Fethiye and Oludeniz

I took an early dolmus from Kusadasi to Aydin, where I bought a bus ticket to Fethiye, another seaside town, but on the Mediterranean Coast.

It would be my first time at a hostel in all my travels in Turkey, since the Couchsurfing community is so large and available here. I would be on my own for the next couple of days without the help of an experienced local, who could suggest where to go and what to eat. Luckily, I had a clue on where to go because my Lonely Planet Mediterranean Europe book listed Oludeniz as the number one sight to see in all of the Mediterranean countries combined.

Upon arrival here, I noticed the large number of British people here. Like the Koreans and Taiwanese in Boracay, or the Russians in Pattaya, this was a very popular spot for the British to come and vacation at this time of the year. The city wasn't too crowded this month, but I could still see the touristic appeal in the area. Since I planned on being in Fethiye for 2 nights, I was initially planning on visiting Oludeniz tomorrow, but I arrived early enough to grab another Dolmus to take me to the beach and lagoon area.

Again, Lonely Planet has over-exaggerated on its praise of something, because I didn't really see why this beach should be the number one spot in ALL of Mediterranean Europe. It was a nice, pebbly beach to spend a day at, but I really didn't see that much appeal in the location. The weather helped though, as it was finally sunny enough to go shirtless and "tan" on the beach, which I quickly took the opportunity to do before the cold Winter came.

I spent the rest of the night exploring the touristy area of Fethiye, where there were the typical restaurants and souvenir shops to browse. I decided by the end of the night to catch another bus tomorrow to another city to see more of Turkey. Next stop...Kas

Fethiye Marina

Fethiye Roman Theatre

Oludeniz Lagoon/Beach

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