Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 139 - Shopping in Thamel

We needed to get out of the hostel since we'd been so lazy the past two days, so Neils, Aki, and I headed to Thamel in search of a rock climbing wall to release some energy. I had finished my book The Alchemist, which I absolutely loved and decided I would read some more of Paulo Coelho's books. His stories are so effortlessly depicted, and there are so many questions the reader asks himself. It's always great to finish a book contemplating the things you are doing with your life and how to make it better.

We found the rock climbing wall, but they didn't have any shoes that were big enough for Niels' feet, and I didn't know how to belay yet, so we couldn't really do anything unless we found some shoes. We were unsuccessful searching for shoes in Thamel. They had a lot of mountaineering shoes, but none for basic rock climbing. We will try again tomorrow at another rock climbing facility and hopefully they have bigger shoes... I spent the rest of the day just perusing the shops and buying small gifts for people.

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