Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 134 - Walking through Thamel

Today was a recovery day walking through the congested streets of Thamel. The first thing we decided to do was book a bungee jumping excusion off a bridge 160m into a gorge near the Tibetan/Nepalese border. The tour company is called The Last Resort...not sure if that is at all comforting to hear... I went back on forth about whether I wanted to do this, some of it out of fear, and some of it out of wanting to share in such an exciting activity with close friends, but again, it' a rare opportunity to do it in such a location as Nepal/Tibet that I couldn't miss out! Last night, I researched on what common accidents occur with bungee jumping...not sure if that was smart to do either! Most accidents occur with harnesses that aren't properly worn, with bruises and burns occurring. I also read about a guy in Thailand whose bungee cord broke off and he fell into the river below. He survived because he landed on his chest and not on his head, but sustained some pretty bad injuries... Let's hope all goes well when I do it!

Afterwards, we headed to lunch, but not before I tried to get cash out with my debit card...I ended up locking my card because I entered my pin incorrectly three times! I'll have to contact my bank to see how to fix this. Hopefully I won't have to jump through hoops to access cash or I'll have a problem in the next few weeks. If you know me, you know I'm not going to use my credit card to get cash advances and sustain heavy interest rates and bank charges.

I got my first haircut in over 2 months by a Nepalese barber. He did a great job, and only used scissors and razor blades to cut my hair, and it only cost 100 rupees! It was probably the best haircut of the three times I'd gotten them. Nepal>Thailand>Vietnam.

The rains came in the afternoon, and I had to make a couple stops at teashops to dry off and get out of the cold. It seems that monsoon season just won't go away. Kathmandu suffered an earthquake and some massive flooding when I was in Pokhara and Sauraha, but the monsoon season should have been over earlier than now.

At night, I stayed at the hostel and had some more incredible food. This time, it was a Buffalo Masala with rice, and a pumpkin vegetable soup. I'm definitely in food heaven. I've been so spoiled with all the food options, from the local momo stalls and dal bhat, to the western steakhouses, to the masterchef dinners at my hostel.  

Rainy Days in Kathmandu

Buffalo Masala with Rice

Jam Sessions at the Sparkling Turtle Hostel

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