Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 142 - Shopping in Kathmandu

Honestly, I've been in Kathmandu for such a long time, taking walks through the city as if it were routine, that sometimes I forget what I did the previous day! I'll try to recollect...

It was another "administration" day as I made myself a checklist of things I had to do before leaving the country in a couple days. It included getting a haircut, purchasing some last minute souvenirs to ship back home, writing postcards, shopping for socks and underwear (it's cheaper here!), possibly purchasing some artwork, blogging, updating my budget, and planning my Europe leg of my trip.

Spent the day in Thamel again, meeting with a friend at my Hostel who was with her group of American and Canadian friends. They were all English teachers in Korea for a couple years, saving enough money to travel and explore the world. Seems like a perfect option for someone who wants to travel! I hope in the future, it won't be too difficult to gather a group of friends and/or family to travel somewhere far away, but it only seems harder the older we get. I would love to come back to Nepal and do a trek with all my close friends and family!

At night, I had dinner with a friend back home in Los Angeles! He was in between jobs and decided to come to Nepal to do some trekking, rock climbing, and other adventurous activities before jumping right back into the corporate world. We shared some of our similar experiences in Nepal, as we both pretty much did the most popular touristic things. It's always nice to see a familiar face back come visit me!!!

Rarely any Street Lights in Kathmandu...

Chapati Lunch Set

Dinner with Matt!

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