Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 120 - Pokhara Planning

We had some morning Tibetan breakfast before getting our TIMS card and permit. The total cost for the card and permit was around 3,500 rupees ($47 USD). The TIMS card is a system to keep track of trekkers, to ensure they enter and exit their intended hiking villages. There has been some trouble in the past with people being murdered and/or lost while trekking. There was an American girl who went missing about 1.5 years ago and they are still trying to search for her, believing she is still alive and being held captive somewhere in the Langtang area. Let's hope there isn't much trouble for the three of us when we start our trek tomorrow.

Afterwards, we went to grab some supplies for the trek, including water purification tablets and some medication for altitude sickness. Other trekkers and locals said we came at a good time right before the busy season, when the monsoon season is coming to a close, and it hasn't gotten too cold yet. I don't think I'll need too many warm articles of clothing. I purchased a rain jacket and a walking stick, all bargained since there really wasn't any business this time of the year.

We walked around the lake for bit, before heading to a steak house, where we would have our last dinner beforing trekking. Again, the steak was great, and we were all looking forward to coming back from our 12-day trek for another round of steaks and Nepalese beer. We might come back sooner since we met some other trekkers who did it in 8.5 days while rushing because one of them felt sick the whole time. The Lonely Planet guide says the trek should be between 10-14 days, and the tourist offices say 7-10 days.

I felt a cold coming on before dinner, but hopefully it'll pass soon enough. I've only been sick once throughout my travels and that was at the beginning...

At the end of the night, I headed to the local supply store to grab some food and other necessities. I felt so spoiled because the store had so much candy and European and American brand foods, all so easily accessible and inexpensive too! I ended up grabbing 5 Twix bars, some granola bars and mix, nuts, water, toilet paper, and a small bottle of whiskey (just in case).

Fewa Lake

Prepped for Trekking!

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