Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 137 - Lazy Day in Kathmandu

I've had many lazy days so far in Kathmandu, but today was the ultimate because most of the shops and restaurants were closed for the festival. I spent most of the day reading the Alchemist, which is such a fitting book for someone in my situation right now. Maybe I should just continue traveling to figure out what my destiny is...but I'm a little weary and homesick, still a little fearful of the unknown, and wanting to come back to somewhere comfortable.

At night, we decided to head up the Monkey Temple since it was right next to our hostel and we needed some sort of exercise for the day since we spent the majority of it sleeping or reading or surfing the web. We took a back way to the temple to avoid paying the entrance fee again. There were so many more monkeys on this route. Luckily I wasn't attacked. They say you should never smile at a monkey because they look at it as an aggressive action on your part and may attack you...

The views were incredible again, overlooking all of the Kathmandu Valley at night. Even the top of our hostel provides good views of the valley and the homes in the area. Sometimes that's all you need to see to admire the beauty of any city. I see photos of all the homes in Kabul or Santorini and tell myself I'd love to visit these places, but every city has a plan that is unique in it's own way, including Kathmandu.

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