Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 143 - Last Full Day in Kathmandu

It would be my last full day in Kathmandu. I've gotten so used to living here and it's been the country I've spent the longest time in so far on this entire journey, so it feels kind of bittersweet to leave, especially after traveling for three weeks with Aki and Niels, whom I'm gotten used to hanging out with. Aki left for Bangkok today, and Niels and I leave tomorrow, Niels leaving back to the Netherlands.

I spent the day continuing to finish my checklist, buying more souvenirs and finally shipping them home. Again, shipping stuff costs an arm and a leg. I think the total was around $85 USD to ship 6kg of stuff home, and I'm sure my backpack will still weigh a ton when I head to the airport tomorrow...

We had another amazing dinner at the hostel, our last dinner with the hostel... It was the closest thing to Mexican food that I have had all trip - Buffalo Chili with Roti (basically like tortillas). So delicious!!! Tomorrow I head to the airport around 11am, with a layover in the U.A.E., before arriving in Turkey!

Buffalo Sukutai (?)

Buffalo Chili with Roti


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