Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 135 - Durbar Square in Patan-dhoka

We took a two hour walk south of Kathmandu to another Durbar Square in the Patan dhoka area. It started to rain and flood through the big city halfway through our walk. It was funny to see the traffic jam caused by the flooding, and the pedestrians all trying to find little islands in the puddles to step over to get from one place to another. I wore flip flops so I just walked through the flooded areas without too much trouble.

The Patan dhoka area, another UNESCO site, was nice to explore, with small mazes of alleyways throughout, and old traditional style buildings still intact. The Durbar square was similar to the one in the Kathmandu Valley, but a little bigger and with more appealing temple structures. We walked around for about 30 minutes, but I think Niels and I got a little tired of seeing some of the same sort of things since we've been traveling for so long.

At night, we headed to Thamel and got another steak dinner, meeting up with my CS friend Sylvia from Austria. She was headed to Pokhara the next morning to trek a little and we shared our experiences with her over dinner.

We were going to head to Durbar Square early tomororw morning to see some animal sacrifices during the Dashain Nepalese Festival (it's like Christmas for the Nepalese) but were told that it would occur another day. One of the workers at our hostel already sacrificed 11 goats during the day at his home by beheading them. The festival lasts 15 days, so I'm sure I'll come across some special things while exploring the city this next week.

Golden Temple

Durbar Square

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