Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 132 - Chitwan National Park back to Sauraha

We woke up early in the morning to continue our jungle trek though the community forest. The entire walk was around 7km back to Sauraha where our lodge was located. Some of the trails back to our starting point were completely washed away by the rain that the guides had to recreate the trails by cutting trees, or adding tree trunks to the floor when it was covered by water. I fell and slipped numerous times, and I blame my Nikes for that. Wear good shoes when you go trekking, not old running shoes like mine...

Not too much activity today, but we saw some more herds of deer, owls, and a wild boar running through the forest. On the way back, we caught a ride on a tractor that was driven by the son of one of our tour guides. It was probably one of the most bumpy rides all trip, and I had a hard time staying put!

When we arrived back to Sauraha, we stopped by the river where elephants and their mahouts were taking baths. Again, like in Laos, I saw the Mahouts use sharp picks to prod at the elephants to get them to obey commands. Again, I don't know enough to know how necessary it is to do this, but it was certainly unpleasant to watch...

The rest of the day was spent relaxing at our lodge, playing cards, reading, and resting on the hammocks provided. We had lunch at a local Nepalese restaurant, where we had fried Buffalo Momos. Dinner was at an Italian restaurant where I had grilled fish which was quite good. Tomorrow we head back to Kathmandu, where I will have 12 days to figure out what else I can do in this wonderful country.

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