Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 140 - CS Meetup in Kathmandu

Today was an "administration" day as I spent the morning planning my trip to Europe, figure finances, and write some postcards. We weren't able to go rock climbing again today, probably due to the festival. No one picked up the phone when we called.

By chance, a CSer, originally from Turkey, wanted to meet up with me since he was working in Kathmandu and wanted to meet more people. Funny how things work out that way...since I was going to Istanbul in a few days and would love to pick his brain on some of the things to do there. We ended up having coffee and shared our experiences in Kathmandu as tourists. He also told me of standard routes to take in Turkey, and which cities to visit. I think I will make a circle around western Turkey, starting first in Istanbul, and then heading to the Aegean Coast, to Southern Turkey, and finally to Cappadoccia before leaving turkey by flight in Istanbul.

Afterwards, we headed to a CS Meetup at a dreadlock shop, where I met a bunch of other CSers from all over the world. Surprisingly, there were many others from the United States. We sat around in the shop and learned how to make dreadlocks, which really takes a lot of time and patience. I asked how long it would take to make one dreadlock, and the owner, Zen, told me it would take around an hour! I don't know too much about the dreadlock culture, but I don't think I would ever get them, just seems too difficult to maintain and keep clean...

I told many of them about my plans to bungee jump tomorrow, and of course, it only made me even more nervous. But even with my nerves, it seemed like everyone else was getting more worried about it than me, but they would say that I looked extremely nervous, despite the fact that I felt that I was pretty calm about it. I don't think I will lose sleep over it, but the 3-hour bus ride tomorrow will be another story... 

A Warm and Beautiful Day in Kathmandu Atop Our Hostel

A Russian Couchsurfer with Some Nice Dreads

CS Dreadlock Making Workshop

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