Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Days 127-129 – Relaxing in Pokhara

I may have been the least productive these past three days in all my travels so far, partially as recovery from the last 6 days of trekking, but also partially because the city of Pokhara is such a relaxing and clean city compared to Kathmandu.

The days were spent sleeping in, relaxing and walking around the city, and shopping for some warm clothes for my time spent in Prague in November.

Tragedy struck in Nepal during these few days after our trek when we heard that a small Buddha Air airplane crashed, killing all the passengers who took the short flight to see the views of Mount Everest and the other parts of the Himalayas.

Kathmandu also had a major earthquake right before we started our trek, and it has been flooding in the area due to heavy rains as well. It seems the monsoon season isn't going to stop as soon as people have thought.

Despite all this, Pokhara has been very welcoming and calm. Tourists still haven't been arriving in droves yet, and it was nice to read a little, get an Ayervedic massage, and have some more Western food, along with fried chicken momos from my favorite Tibetan local restaurant!

Tomorrow we head to Chitwan National Park to check out wildlife in the area.

Nepalese Tea Shop

This Japanese man traveled in Goa for 6 months, and plans on going back for another 4. I think he probably fit in in India more than I did...

Our favorite steaks in Pokhara

Probably not the best advertisement given the current news in Nepal...

My favorite fried chicken momos!

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