Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 100 – Food and Tour of Georgetown, Penang

Knowing that I would only get one day to explore Penang meant that I would have to try as much food here as I could, which was my main objective, with exploration of the city taking a backseat.

I ended up arriving in the city of Georgetown at 6am, way too early to check into the hostel I booked, but I ended up taking a taxi there anyways in hopes of seeing if I could just nap in the lobby. The doors were locked and no one was around, but luckily, after a couple of minutes of waiting outside, one of the staff came by to open the door and let me sleep in the staff room.

There were informative guides on the popular Penang cuisine at the hostel that I used to find some of the local delicacies. Check out the pictures below to see what I ate.

The city of Georgetown, like Malacca, is a UNESCO world heritage site. Malaysia is a fairly new country, so these two UNESCO sites were very different compared to other places I'd visited in South East Asia. The other sites had been thousands of years old, but here, the buildings are relatively newer, maybe only at the most, a couple hundred years old. Again, most of the “old city” was walkable, and I ventured around using a handy tourist map that I saw every other tourist hold as they also walked around the city. Since today was the day before Aidilfitri, many of the sites were closed and we had to resort to walking by, snapping a quick picture, and then heading to the next stop without really knowing what exactly was the significance of each stop.

Fried Oysters


Fort Cornwallis

Guan Yin Temple

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