Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 97 – KLCC Park and Changkat

Turns out I wouldn't be taking the “hop on hop off” bus afterall. I
looked at the map and noted that I saw a good 50% of the attractions
that were listed on the map, so I wondered if I actually really wanted
to spend the money to go to the other destinations. I waiting for
about 45 minutes at one of the stops, and no bus came, which made it
easier for me to decide to skip it. No one else was waiting with me,
which made me think that business was slow in this season, and there
weren't many buses running. There would probably be long waits at
every stop I take.

I roamed around KLCC Park, which is a large business park completely
surrounded by skyscrapers in every direction. There was a running
track for midday jogging, and a mosque nearby. I walked around on a
Friday at 1:30pm and saw many Muslims walking towards the mosque. It
was probably time for one of their daily prayers. It was incredible
just how many of them were in the small mosque, with hundreds of shoes
lined up outside.

Afterwards, I headed to the cinema to watch an Arab movie called
Captain Abu Raed. Not a very popular movie amongst the locals, I had
the entire theatre to myself like it was my own living room.

At the end of the night, I headed out with some new friends to the
Changkat area in Bukit Bintang to have drinks and party on my last
night in KL. The area is a major expat area, with many European pubs
lined up on the street. The clubs don't close until around 3-4 here,
and we stayed until very close to the end, settling for some drunken
Malaysian food afterwards to soothe the drunkenness.

KL Tower to the Left, Petronas Tower in the Middle, and Mosque on the Right

Ramadan Performance at KLCC Suria Mall

Friday Prayers at the Mosque - Look at all the shoes!

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