Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 110 - Quick Tour of Delhi

I woke up in the morning and was transferred from my shitty hotel to another hotel, with a private bathroom this time, and a more spacious living area. I spoke with the receptionist about information on where to get a sim card, what places to go, and how to book train tickets. Each time, he would mention a specific tour office that he kept insisting of taking me to. I read the reviews of these hotels and they said to avoid going to this tour office because they would charge you more for everything you book. I got in a little heated discussion with him after I said I would figure it out myself, and he accused me of thinking he was trying to cheat me, which he was.

After walking around the crowded, chaotic street, I stumbled on a tour agency and ended up booking a private car for the day around Delhi and a flight out of Delhi into the mountainous region of Kashmir the next day. I wanted out ASAP and the flight was not too expensive and included a one night stay on a houseboat there.

The driver took me around Delhi, where I stopped at a couple of the major attractions – the Red Fort, the India Gate, and Akshardam. I also wanted to stop at the High Court, where there was a bomb blast yesterday, killing around 10 people and injuring almost another 100, but the driver said it probably wasn't possible.

I met an English girl at the Red Fort, who had been traveling in India for about a month and was leaving tomorrow. She gave me some advice on where to go, how much to pay for transportation, and told me to keep positive despite my initial feelings about the city.

I visited Akshardam next, which was recommended by a friend back in California, which is the largest Hindu Temple in India. It was magnificent, grand, ornate, intricate, and everything amazing! I was really in awe when I stepped onto the grounds. It was recently built in the span of five years, and I felt everything was in it's right place. The architect really put much thought into the layout of everything, including the small designs on many of the marble and pink stone used throughout the area. I was bummed I wasn't able to take any photos inside since everything had to be checked into a cloak room and we were checked my metal detectors upon entry. Not even mobile phones were allowed inside. My words and pictures really don't do it any justice, and I think anyone in Delhi should make it a point to stop here!

At the end of the night, I walked around the market and had a quick dinner before retreated to my hotel room. Early wake-up at 3am for an early flight the next day..

Inside the Red Fort

Suspects from Yesterday's High Court Bombing
Outside the Red Fort

Akshardham from a Distance

India Gate

India Gate


  1. The first suspect picture mention his hair parting in the middle however the drawing has it parted on the side. Good stuff.