Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 114 - Lazy Day in Srinagar

My last full day in the Kashmir State of India was relatively stress-free, as I spent most of the day just relaxing and researching on my next few travel destinations. I booked an airport hotel in Delhi for my one night layover before flying to Kathmandu. It's amazing looking at some of the ratings for the cheaper hotels on booking websites. User ratings were mostly in the 2-3 star range (out of 10) which made me fearful about what I'd expect when I'd arrive.

I would avoid the city and probably just hang around the hotel area for the day tomorrow. I managed to get a couchsurfing host for my first few nights in Kathmandu, so hopefully I'll be able to plan my whole trip in the country during those first few days. I also contacted a woman who ran an orphanage there, so I may do some volunteer work there if it is available!

I also pre-planned my travels to Turkey, where I would visit Istanbul and Cappadoccia. I do NOT want to be stuck in a country without any help like I was in India, so I messaged a good amount of people asking for advice on travels, what to see, and if there were couches I could crash on. Hopefully Europe will be a lot easier to find hosts...

Chicken Muglai

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