Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 98 – Food Paradise in Malacca

I took a 2 hour bus ride from KL to Malacca. It wasn't as crowded on
the bus as I would have guessed during the holidays, maybe because
Melacca is a popular place to visit and there are so many departures
to the city on any given day. Or maybe because it seemed like the city
was predominantly visited (and inhabited?) by Chinese Malaysians who
probably don't celebrate Ramadan.

I walked around the city in the afternoon, without really knowing what
to look for except the night street market that everyone suggested I
visit on Jonker Street. I passed by some churches, temples, and other
landmarks. Some of the buildings were influenced by Europe
(specifically the Dutch and Portuguese). The city itself is a UNESCO
Heritage site, something I've been accustomed to seeing all over SE
Asia in some of the most special places.

Then came food paradise for my hungry stomach and eyes once the sun
went down. The entire Jonker Street was filled with food and
merchandise vendors selling lots of various items, many of them
Chinese/Taiwanese, something I was very familiar with, and happy to be
familiar with. Check the pictures out:

Portuguese Egg Tarts

Taiwanese Sausages

Hainanese Chicken and Rice Balls

Dim Sum

Taiwanese Radish Cake

Curry Fish(?) Balls

Street Dancing on Jonker Street

Chinese Calligraphy

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  1. my mouth started to water as soon as I saw the pictures of the egg tarts.