Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 94 – Bukit Bintang and Ramadan Celebrations

The CS Scene in KL is pretty large, probably due in part to the level
of development in the city as well as the number of travelers who
decide to pass by this city enroute to another destination. I ended up
meeting another CS-er, Andrew, for the day. Being non-Muslim, he was
able to drink (some rather expensive) beer with me!

We headed in the morning in search of some Dim Sum, since I have been
craving it for the longest time (I miss the Dim Sum at Empress in
Monterey Park, CA) but we were unsuccessful. We had a different
Chinese breakfast before heading to Bukit Bintang, known as the little
“Times Square” of KL. There were a ton of malls in the area, along
with a bunch of massage parlors, probably because there were many
hostels in the area catered for tourists.

I took the opportunity to drink beer for lunch and during happy hour,
and Andrew explained that the beer was expensive in Malaysia because
of the heavy tax imposed on it, since the country is predominantly

By the end of the night, I met up with my host again and had dinner
with his friends. He offered me one of his traditional Malaysian
outfits to wear for the Ramadan buffet we were going to eat at the
Doubletree Hotel, and I happily obliged, since I wanted to take part
as authentically in the celebration (despite the eating and drinking
earlier...). The meal was extravagant and excessive, which I couldn't
complain about, since I would be able to try a wide variety of
Malaysian cuisine, along with Indian and Chinese, all in one sitting.
The food was delicious, as was the various little desserts and drinks

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  1. Every time I read, I learn so much. Thanks Phil! :)