Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 115 - Layover in Delhi

I spent a night in Delhi on layover before heading to Kathmandu. I managed to save about 450 rupees to the Srinagar airport by taking the public bus there. SCORE! On the bus ride there, I met a couple from Mumbai who worked in the financial industry. We talked a little about the accounting profession and the transition to IFRS (international accounting standards). It made me wonder where my old firm was in regards to training the associates on these new standards...

The security at the Srinagar airport was tight! I must have gone through 5 different checkpoints, all checking the contents of my baggage. Luckily I arrived at the airport 2.5 hours before departure or I don't know if I would have made my flight. The security was probably a lot tighter here due to the conflicts that had occurred in the region recently. Most of the security checkpoints were separated for different sexes and for once, the female line was a lot shorter than the male line, probably because less females travel in India?

The flight was painless, and when I arrived, I took a prepaid taxi to my hotel, but not before getting lost a little because the taxi driver didn't know where my hotel was, even though I had the address, and a printout of the directions from the airport to the hotel from googlemaps...

I pretty much stayed in the hotel the whole time, not really brave enough to explore the area. I ventured out just for dinner, but that was just about it. I really feel lonely here in Delhi, and so many thoughts went through my head to just head home. I really want to see friends and family and familiar faces from people who I trust, and who care about me. I skyped a few friends, who told me to just venture on, because I would regret it later... I don't know why I am letting this short trip to India get to me, but hopefully things get better, because I feel a little discouraged from continuing...

Indian Dessert Shop

Street Vendor making Samosas

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